Skymichael Wood

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My name is Skymichael Wood. I worked many jobs throughout my life and also owned a few businesses I did that for about 27 years. After a tragedy in my life, I found myself in massive debt and had to take on multiple jobs to get myself out of it. About two weeks before I was to be debt free, I met a gentleman who had become a multi-millionaire by making 34 references to people over a five-year period of time about a savings program. I was intrigued. I had to check this out. I did.... I took a look at this program over five years ago and simply saw a no-brainer concept. Saving money on most everything I buy was just, simply put, being wise with my money. Why spend more on things you are already buying, gonna buy or want to buy, if you have a way to cut the that thru the rebates, commissions, credit card cash backs or straight savings that this program offers? I have saved far more - I mean way, way, way more than the membership cost...which didn't cost me much in the first place. That was just the first part that I saw and liked, and it made sense and also made it a no-risk opportunity. Well worth it for me on just this part. The income earning part of the program, however, is what really got my mind racing. When I saw the compensation plan, a plan that pays you to refer a savings program to others to help them cut expenses, I was blown away! Honestly, at first, it seemed too good to be true, but after much due diligence, I would come to find that it was the real deal! I decided, at that point, that if they were willing to pay me that much to refer a program that helped people cut their expenses, that I was telling everyone! In just months, after sharing this concept with a handful of people, I had created an income that allowed me to walk away from my jobs and have time freedom and the financial ability to afford the things that I used to only dream about. It took determination and hard work (also, it was lots and lots of fun), but in a very short time, I was living MY life, instead of working like a dog, being a cog in the wheel that cranked someone else's dream and left me with "too much month at the end of the money!" I have a whole lot different life today than I did five years ago and feel beyond blessed to have had this opportunity dropped in my lap. Skymichael Wood
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