Scott Duval

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
I am Scott Duval from Bloomer, WI. I owned an Automotive Repair/Auto Racing shop and also have a background in both commercial and residential rental properties. I was introduced to Team National in 2007 by a customer that thought I could instantly benefit from the savings side. Thank God I looked. The savings made sense, but at the time the (optional earnings) referral side didn’t interest me. I wasn’t looking for another job. I was already working 6 days a week and had 4 employees. I decided to buy a membership and within 30 days, the everyday savings more than doubled the cost of my membership. That’s when I realized that every household in America could benefit from this awesome opportunity. I began to share this with a few friends and customers. It was great to see that they had success also! That’s truly when life began to change for me. In 2008, I sold my automotive business and began working my Team National business part-time. I was making more money part-time than I was working my auto business 6 days a week. In 2009, the real estate market was collapsing and hit me very hard. My financial adviser recommended that I file for bankruptcy. I wasn’t ready to do that. It didn’t sit well with me and the day my name hit the local papers that I was being foreclosed on, was the day I made the decision to build my business to Platinum. This was clearly my turning point in my Team National business, when I committed to focus on going Platinum. I thought if there is a will, there is a way! I started developing my plan. I put my plan into action in October 2009, as a Bronze Presidential Director. Then 11 months later, I walked across the stage as a Platinum. Today, I’m proud to say my credit is great, all my bills are paid; I’m making more money each week then I used to make in a month. Life has completely changed for me! I often try to imagine where I would be today if that customer wouldn’t have shared this life-changing opportunity with me. I think about how many lives, including mine, have been changed for the positive. I can’t thank you enough Team National, and so many other great friends and business partners for the opportunity to change my life and so many others. The future is wide open! Scott Duval, Platinum
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