Rob & Lori Olson

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
We are Rob and Lori Olson from Strum Wisconsin. When we first took a look at Team National, we were very busy people. We were running an RV business, three farms with 400 acres, raising four boys and helping our son Ryan race the circuit. Rob got introduced to Team National late one night by a good friend in his race car shop. Saw the savings right away but had no time or intention of building the business as an income. Lori was not happy when Rob told her he signed on without her. Threatened to make him sleep in their race car shop because she had a negative experience with a product based multi-level marketing company. Read More After Rob explained that it was simply a membership to help them save money and advertise their business, Lori started to use it for purchases for their businesses and home. They used it on the savings side only for 14 months. Meanwhile the economy changed drastically in 2008. The RV business took a downturn we were forced to start looking for other avenues to create extra income. Lori was faced with the possibility of having to go get a job outside of their business. So we started to share it with a few people because we believed the savings could benefit others and we started to make a substantial income quickly. The six figure income we have generated from Team National, has given us many blessings. It saved our farms, it has allowed us to work less hours at our traditional business. It has also allowed us the time freedom and the choices to take more vacations in the past five years than we have in our entire lives. Lori was able to purchase a lifelong dream vehicle and Rob has been able to open up his dreamer to expand his farm. We want to thank our team because without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. We thank Team National for the opportunities this company has given us. We are also thankful that the gentleman that shared this with us, did what he said he was going to do and was there for us when we were ready to get started. Through our journey with this company, we were able to rise up and be someone we didn’t think we could ever be. If two small town farm kids can take this company to the top, we offer everybody hope. As we always say, “If we can do it, YOU can do it.” We are Rob & Lori Olson from Strum Wisconsin and we are proud Independent Marketing Directors with Team National.
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