Mark (Twig) & Ashley Ogletree

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
We are Mark and Ashley Ogletree. Thank you for visiting Team National's website. We welcome you! Before Team National…my wife, Ashley and I lived in Livingston, TN where we were both born and raised. I worked at Coca-Cola Refreshments full-time and she worked full-time at a convenience store where she had been employed since she was in high school, at the age of 16. I was a regional director with NSA/BPA, which I stayed very busy with, as it was very much needed to supplement our income. We have three kids (Mark III, Maddox and Marley) and they keep us on the run. With our full-time jobs, part-time jobs, kids and other family, church and other things we were involved in, time was something that we didn’t have. How I was introduced to Team National… I was working on a BPA Baseball World Series event that was being placed in Chattanooga, TN. I was working closely with the president of the Chattanooga Sports Commission on the logistics of the event and had gotten to know him somewhat over that two month time period. After we had nailed down everything with the event, he called me up and told me he wanted to talk to me about something other than baseball. He played me a recorded testimony and it sounded interesting. I was reluctant to look at it because I had been hit up with plenty of other deals out there and to me, initially, this sounded at least somewhat similar to the others. But out of respect of our new friendship and considering how much he had helped us on the event, I agreed to take a look. Ashley and I had already decided that we were going to say, “Thanks, but no thanks”; just like all the times before, but when we saw it first hand, we realized that it wasn’t what we were expecting to see. She knew that we could save more money than it cost and I saw the unbelievable compensation plan. So we joined that day. After our first year in Team National, the savings were even better than we hoped, as we almost saved our investment back in our first year without buying any of the bigger ticket items. The income, however, has been phenomenal. The part-time effort that I had been putting into Team National around all those other things was starting to dwarf our incomes that we were making at our full-time jobs. Eleven months in and after the birth of our third child, we decided to walk away from our full-time jobs and quit playing with this Team National thing and started treating it like the multi-million dollar business that it is. We are proud of the fact that we are stay-at-home parents and we continue to build our business around our schedules. Do you like saving money? Do you like to get paid to shop at the places you’re already shopping...buying the things you’re already buying? Do you like the fact that you can save and earn as little or as much money as you’re worth... just for helping other families save money? How awesome is that?!
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