Jamy & Kristin Skaggs

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
We are Jamy and Kristin Skaggs from Tyler, TX. We are blessed to be a part of the Team National family. We have five children - Micah, Gavin, Nathan, Kallie and Abbie. Jamy is a civil trial attorney and has been practicing law for almost 20 years. He started a law firm with a close friend in 2007. Kristin’s employment background was as a middle school teacher, but has been blessed to stay home with our children since 2007. Our family has done well financially due to Jamy's legal career but when we were approached about Team National he was time broke. Jamy longed to spend time with the family but was stuck trading his time for money, like most Americans. We longed to change that for our family but had no idea how the Lord would do it. In July of 2014, we took our first look at Team National and the concept pleasantly surprised us. It was unlike anything we had ever seen. We knew we would save a lot of money using the membership. So we purchased a Lifetime membership and started using our membership on everything from cotton balls to cell phone bills to cars! As we started saving money Jamy began to dream of the Team National business we could build and the impact it could have on our lives and the lives of others. We knew we had to share Team National with our friends and family! In November 2014 we made a decision to start sharing the Team National concept. By April 2015, just six months later, we had matched Jamy's law practice salary -- and this was only the beginning! The Team National income is now giving us options we never thought we would have prior to Team National! We know Team National was God’s gift to our family. It has changed our future and we are forever grateful. God created every person in His image with dreams that many people hide away with no hope of ever living them out fully. Most important, each of us dream to make a difference, be significant and leave a lasting legacy. In fact, we believe each person has unique experiences, gifts and talents along with a unique territory of influence to impact. In other words, you are indispensable! There is no one like you! And we believe Team National provides an extraordinary vehicle for you to make a difference like no one else can! Team National is a company with corporate leadership that has a heart to change the world -- one dream at a time, one family at a time. We are excited to be aligned with Team National in this cause. We are looking for more people who want to join us. We hope you are one of those dreamers!
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