Allen Nelson

Allen  Nelson
Elise and I look at Team National in the middle of October of 2006. My background was operating a Car Dealership, Tire Company, and a Finance Company. My wife's background was a Registered Nurse for a hospital in Georgia. We were those "BUSY" people who did not have time to add another business to our schedule. I was also that person who analyzed everything to the enth degree, and was skeptical. Thank goodness the person who shared Team National with us did not give up on my skepticism. The first time I was introduced to this business I said "NO", I was just too "BUSY". Two weeks later, lots of prayer, and an open mind, I made the best business decision of my life. My wife and I have three beautiful children and it has been our desire for her to be a stay at home mom. But because of a Mortgage, Cars and Trucks, Recreational Vehicles, Vacations and just pure out "DEBT", that desire was just a dream. Team National however, has rescued our family. In just a few short months and only 5 to 10 hours per week I have replaced my wife's income times "3". In June 2007 after having 5 years vested with her hospital retirement my wife will get to come home and retire before she is "30". The rate our Team National business is growing by the end of 2007, "DADDY" may get to come home too. Thanks Team National for making our Dreams come True!!!

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