Don & Laura Glover

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
Reinventing ourselves into a new life has been awesome! We have welcomed change. As business owners in a small, north Louisiana town, it was beginning to be more financially difficult for us as the years went by. Opening additional businesses was not proving to be the answer. Even without a way to retire, we were approaching a time in our lives where we dreamed of slowing down. Trying several product oriented companies in the direct sales industry wasn't the answer, either. We were introduced to Team National by a total stranger from the referral of a friend. The more information we received, the more it sounded too good not to try. We found our Team National business worked because of such an incredible teamwork system. Before the first full year was over, we had closed all our businesses, allowing us to say goodbye to the restaurant, retail business, horse training center and catering operation, and we even stopped traveling for Purina doing horse training demos and closed our bail bonds office. We began to experience a huge pleasure we'd never thought was possible. Retiring into Team National has given us a life with true purpose, along with a living we want and the freedom to travel and experience this great country we are so blessed to live in. We have such passion for helping others fulfill their dreams and goals. We are proud to have more and a way of helping others have more of what they want as well. We have been able not only to find a dream home, but also to have luxuries around it that make it a private retreat, three new dream vehicles and hobbies we enjoy; such as motorcycles to travel the country. We are truly blessed. Living without stress has truly brought us closer together and given us more time to be there for our five grown children and 13 grandchildren. Even when challenges arose, such as when one of our elderly moms was ill for more than a year and we made weekly 10-hour round trips to spend several days with extended family; our business grew incredibly. We never had job security before that. One of us would cover for the other whenever needed. One of the most important parts of building strong teams is getting together to have fun and fellowship. Gatherings bond friendship. Beyond money, we feel the most important thing in life is having a great, loving relationship. Don and Laura Glover Louisiana
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