Dennis & Debbie Martin

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
We have been in real estate since 1979, home builders since 1974, plus involved in several other businesses. When we saw Team National, Dennis was working 70 + hours a week, he was busy! But, you can be busy and still build Team National. We had been in business for 25 years when we saw Team National. We liked Team National because it did not require additional employees, payroll, paperwork, inventory or accounts receivable. We also liked that it pays weekly. In real estate, the average sale takes months to close and be paid on. We have developed a substantial residual income with Team National. In real estate, our income was good, but not as good as Team National. We closed our office and sold all of our equipment and haven't looked back. We replaced our real estate income in approximately 2 years! We work out of our home and we put our son, Cody, in private Christian school 3 years ago, because we now have the money and the time to take him there. We have a lifestyle we only dreamed of because of Team National. We went to Hawaii in 2003 and stayed in a beautiful spacious suite at the Four Seasons Resort. We bought our son a truck for his 16th birthday and I bought Debbie a 2004 Corvette. What is great is that we don't owe anyone anything; we are debt free! The best thing of all is that the stress level in our lives is gone and Debbie says, "I have my best friend back and we're having fun!"
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