Marlon & Carol Ekhoff

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
It all starts with a decision. Everything we do in life requires a decision to be made. We have many choices that cross our paths, but until a decision is made nothing happens. We are Marlon & Carol Ekhoff from Grant Park, Illinois. Marlon was a manager at a manufacturing company and I worked for Prudential Insurance. We also owned a custom homebuilding business. Back in May of 1998, we decided to become Independent Marketing Directors with Team National. That decision has changed our lives. Many challenges came along with that decision. Marlon and I had no prior experience in direct sales. We were from corporate America. We were both working 60 hours a week, building homes in our 'spare time' and we had two children that were involved in every sport, school and church activity there was. We had no ‘extra time’ to do anything else. So why did we join Team National? Because we met people in Team National that had what we wanted to have. They had time freedom and financial freedom; two things that normally don’t go hand in hand. Our eyes were opened up to an industry that intrigued us. We finally found a company that would pay us what we were worth. There’s no ceiling to the income potential, no product or inventory requirements and the only way you could advance in the company was helping other people. We decided to 'find the time' and all that meant was changing our priorities. We hung up the golf clubs, we parked the Bass boat, we got up a little bit earlier and we stayed up a little bit later. We had a family meeting with our children and explained to them what we were doing and why we were doing it. We were willing to make the short term sacrifices for a life time of rewards. Along our Team National journey, many other decisions were made. Back in 2001, Team National announced its first 'Platinum Cruise'. We were only half way to Platinum. We had 6 months to get those other five Presidentials in order to ‘Go Platinum’ and be on that cruise. We met a lot of great people in this company that were already Platinum and they were going to be on that cruise…we decided we were going to be on it too…and guess what, we were! When Marlon and I decided we were going to go Double Platinum that is when it happened. When we said no matter what we are going to do this. We put up signs all around the house with our point count, we were strategizing daily, looking at the reports, holding each other accountable to meet the goal we had made together. That is all we looked at and that is what we focused on. With every decision you make, you must also decide to take action. Action is the key that makes the decision work. Without action nothing is going to happen; nothing is going to change. You need to put a plan together to accomplish the goal you have set. Without that plan, you are destined to fail, but with that plan you are destined to succeed! I can tell you that our journey with Team National has been filled with many exciting adventures. We have met some wonderful people and have made lifelong friends. It all started with a decision, a plan and taking action. "You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great." God Bless, Marlon & Carol Ekhoff
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