Justin Weeks

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
I was introduced to Team National in July of 2012. I am so grateful that my friend, who I served with in Iraq, thought enough of me to share this AMAZING business with me. At the time, I was very busy. I was working full-time as a State Police officer. I was working a lot of overtime to make ends meet, then on top of all that, I had three small children; a boy and two girls. I wasn’t sure what Team National was, but I trusted the guy showing me, so I took a look at the video. Thank goodness I did! The first thing I saw was a way that my family and I could cut our expenses in areas that we were already spending money. It just made common sense to jump on board. Of course, I did and haven’t looked back. I started using the savings right away, which have been awesome! The income side has definitely been the life changing part. My life and my children’s lives have been completely changed forever thanks to this company. I love Team National and the servant leadership that is inspired by the leaders of this company. I’ve always had a passion to serve, that’s why I joined the military and the State Police. I see this business as a way to serve others and change thousands of lives in a positive way!
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