John Spencer

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
I'm John Spencer, live in Thornton, Colorado, and have been a satisfied customer with Team National since September of 2001. My background was in the HVAC industry with no experience in network marketing. I needed to change to have the lifestyle I dreamed about. I would like to share with you how Team National has changed my life. The membership has saved me over $40,000 on things that I was already spending money on. I was very skeptical when I was first introduced to the concept, but I'm familiar with Co-op’s, so the concept that Team National had to offer made sense. I signed up right away! I believed that if saving money made sense to me, it would make sense to other people, too. I showed the presentation to eleven people, and five of those eleven signed up! I put an average of two and a half hours a week into building my business with Team National. At that point, I decided that I would be consistent and not let life’s challenges or my job be the excuse for not building Team National. Instead, I made life’s challenges and my job to be the reasons to build my businesses. In 2006, I had two teams growing. They were following the system and continued to build belief in themselves. Then, in January 12, 2006, life happened! At the age of 44, completely unexpected, I had double bypass heart surgery. Between January 12th and December 20th of 2006, I was at the emergency room about seven times. For each visit I made to the hospital, the doctors put a stint in me. On December 20th, the eighth visit to the hospital, I was told that stints would no longer work for me. At that point, a second open heart and a third bypass surgery was required. I'm sharing this with you to let you know that life happens to all of us, but you cannot let it stop you from moving forward. Throughout those eleven months, as I was experiencing health challenges, I went from Silver to Platinum. I love my time freedom. At one time, it was only a dream, and now it has become reality. I was able to leave my job about eight years ago. I'm no longer part of the Monday through Friday routine or fighting rush hour traffic. I enjoy waking up naturally, as opposed to the alarm clock screaming in my ears. I enjoy traveling. I love to hunt, fish and camp. This business has given me the freedom to choose to do what I want and when I want to do it. What a blessing it is to be able to go visit my family and grandkids anytime I want and for however long I choose. I love being able to spend time with my nieces, nephews and other family members without ever having to ask for the time off. I love that I can be there for my family and never have to worry about missing any family gatherings. Going Double Platinum, I have continued to experience life. I have continued to grow personally thanks to the Success Club. My beliefs have changed throughout my Team National journey. When I became Independent Marketing Director, I believed that life was a series of peaks and valleys. As I grew in the business, the peaks became larger and the valleys grew shorter. Today, my belief is in a completely different mindset. I believe that life is not made up of peaks and valleys, but that life is two parallel tracks running simultaneously together. One track is made up of the negatives we all experience daily, while the other is made up of positive experiences. Everyone’s success depends on which track they give the most attention to. If you choose to find the positives and keep them in your subconscious mind, you too can achieve the dreams and goals that you have for yourself and for your family. Stay consistent, and keep on swinging! Take it to the Top, John Spencer
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