David & Jill Hervey

Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams Since 1997
We are both native Mississippians. David is from the Mississippi Delta and Jill is from the Gulf Coast. We have known each other for 30 years and after the death of David’s first wife Kaffie, we reconnected. On September 4, 2010, we were married in a small family wedding in Jackson and Jill joined David in the Team National business. David and Jill have three children between them, Dawn and her family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Les and his family in Brandon, MS. and Cameron in Seattle, Washington. Jill is joining Team National from a background in sales. Jill began her career in public relations and then became a licensed realtor in 1988. She has been successful in the real estate business having co-owned and operated a real estate company in Jackson, Mississippi. Jill says," I’m excited to join David in Team National because I have seen what a difference it can make in people's lives, not just financially, but personally.” In 1971, David was introduced to direct sales. He achieved a top level in that company and built a highly successful organization over an eleven year period. Then he experienced a severe “burn out” and decided to pursue a traditional business. He formed Blue Ridge Energy Corporation, an oil and gas exploration company. This venture later turned into a disaster with the downturn in oil and gas prices. In 1987, David found himself with little income. About that time, a good friend introduced him to a direct sales company whose products were water and air filters and later nutritional products. He became one of only 62 distributorships in the world to attain the top level of National Marketing Director, President’s Advisory Council Executive Committee. After 11 years with this company, David was semi-retired and earning a substantial residual income. Then in July of 1997, David was introduced to Team National and was intrigued by the following: No products to handle or deliver. No quotas (no "buying a check" each month). The best compensation plan in existence. A company that was 100% debt free. A company progressive enough to continually add new benefits. A company that no one had ever heard of. He did his due diligence through 38 hours of seminars and training and decided that this company was a gold mine! David got started and in only five months tripled the monthly income he was forced to leave behind. David has been FULL TIME with Team National from day one! OUR LIFESTYLE: Because of Team National we have been able to pay off a home mortgage as well as the mortgage on a weekend home. We are able to travel as we would like to and spend time with friends and family. “We wouldn’t trade what we do for a living for any job or profession that exists. Most people we know who have freedom don’t have the money to enjoy it, and others who have the money don’t have the freedom. Thanks to finding the right company with the right compensation plan, we have it all!”
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